[...] the oracle apex talkshow. by @JuergenSchuster

It's all about APEX!

But every back end feature and every front end feature is an APEX feature too. So I'm happy to interview everybody who has a story to tell about APEX.

Let me know if you want to become a guest: j_schuster@me.com

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Niel's Feature: Niels de Bruijn

15 April 2019

Niels de Bruijn, ACE Director, Business Unit Manager MT-AG

Niels de BruijnNiels de Bruijn  

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Second Line of Defense: Przemyslaw Staniszewski & Bartosz Ostrowski

14 April 2019

Przemyslaw Staniszewski & Bartosz Ostrowski, APEX Developers at Pretius

Przemyslaw StaniszewskiPrzemyslaw Staniszewski   Bartosz OstrowskiBartosz Ostrowski

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The man behind the scenes: Sunil Tandan

25 March 2019

Sunil Tandan, Product Lead of AOP

150 Plug-ins: Matt Nolan

01 March 2019

Matt Nolan, Co-Founder of FOEX

Matt NolanMatt Nolan

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Make Oracle Cool Again ( MOCA ): Joel R. Kallman

09 January 2019

Joel R. Kallman, APEX Product Manager at Oracle

Joel R. KallmanJoel R. Kallman

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Afraid of APEX: Andy Mendelsohn

14 November 2018

Executive Vice President, Oracle Database Server Technologies

Andy MendelsohnAndy Mendelsohn

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The alien woman: Jackie Mcilroy

13 June 2018

12 years with APEX

Jackie McilroyJackie Mcilroy

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Yes he can: Marko Goricki

25 April 2018

apex.world community member of the year 2017

Marko GorickiMarko Goricki

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Another Question for Mike: From Kscope18 in Orlando

10 June 2018

Mike Hichwa answers questions from: Martin Giffy D'Souza, Dietmar Aust, Maxime Tremblay, Joel Kallman, Heli from Finland, Hilary Farell, Antony Rayner, Shakeeb Rahman, Dimitri Gielis, Scott Spendolini, Niels de Bruijn, Patrick Wolf, Marc Sewtz, Carsten Czarski

Mike Hichwa & CommunityMike Hichwa & Community

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What is a Product Manager?: David Peake

01 March 2018

Oracle APEX Product Manager

We are all Database Junkies: Carsten Czarski

15 December 2017

Oracle APEX Development Team

Carsten CzarskiCarsten Czarski

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The new Oracle Generation: Gerald Venzl

6 November 2017

Senior Principal Product Manager, XE Database

I was living in the Database: Dimitri Gielis

30 August 2017

ACE Director, The inventor of APEX Office Print (AOP)