[...] the oracle apex talkshow. by @JuergenSchuster

It's all about APEX!

But every back end feature and every front end feature is an APEX feature too. So I'm happy to interview everybody who has a story to tell about APEX.

Let me know if you want to become a guest: j_schuster@me.com

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The Iron Lady @Oracle: Sarah Zumbrum

04 March 2017

90% at Oracle internally runs on APEX

Sarah ZumbrumSarah Zumbrum

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Get fit at OraDevGym or "Ask (T)he (O)oracle (M)aster": Steven Feuerstein

24 Februrary 2017

Steven Feuerstein, thats all that has to be said :-)

Fishing without Connections: Francis Mignault

25 March 2017

Insum Father, Oracle ACE, Speaker at all conferences

Francis MignaultFrancis Mignault

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The Touchbar APEX Version: Patrick Wolf

16 November 2016

APEX Development Team, Speaker at all conferences

120 Plug-ins in one APEX Application: Peter Raganitsch

08 August 2016

Founder of FOEX, click-click IT Solutions, ACE Director, Speaker at all conferences

The face of the APEX Community: Roel Hartman - Recorded at Kscope16 Chicago

27 June 2016

ODTUG Board Member, ACE Director, Author of APEX books, Speaker at all conferences

The man with the hat: Monty Latiolais - Recorded at Kscope16 Chicago

27 June 2016

Long time ODTUG president. The face of Insum

Monty LatiolaisMonty Latiolais

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One Question for Mike: From APEX Connect 16 in Berlin

26 April 2016

Mike Hichwa answers questions from: Martin Giffy D'Souza, Shakeeb Rahman, Peter Raganitsch, Niels de Bruijn, David Peake, Anton Nielsen, Patrick Wolf, Carsten Czarski, Roel Hartman

Mike Hichwa & CommunityMike Hichwa & Community

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