[...] the oracle apex talkshow. by @JuergenSchuster

It's all about APEX!

But every back end feature and every front end feature is an APEX feature too. So I'm happy to interview everybody who has a story to tell about APEX.

Let me know if you want to become a guest: j_schuster@me.com

Oracle Cloud and APEX: Todd Bottger

04 March 2021

Todd Bottger, Oracle Cloud Product Manager

Fifteen years long Home Run!: Joel R. Kallman

19 January 2021

Joel R. Kallman, President of APEX

Economy is not surviving with Gaming Software: Christina Moore

01 December 2020

Christina Moore

Earn your video game time: Michelle Skamene

03 March 2020

Michelle Skamene

Michelle SkameneMichelle Skamene  

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Tooli - Life Work Balance: Maxime Tremblay

04 August 2020

Maxime Tremblay, ACE, askMax.solutions

Be Yourself!: Aljaz Mali

06 March 2020

Aljaz Mali, CEO of right-thing.solutions

Getting paid for my hobby!: Ronny Weiss

03 April 2020

Rony Weiss, Very skilled APEX developer and photographer

The adults are back in charge!: Joel R. Kallman

08 January 2020

Joel R. Kallman, President of APEX

Flatliners!: Vnecent Morneau

01 November 2019

Vincent Morneau, ACE, Co-Founder: Fabe, Inventor:APEX Nitro, Materialized Theme

Vincent MorneauVincent Morneau, ACE

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Become a nice person with APEX!: Jorge Rimblas

22 October 2019

Jorge Rimblas, APEX Senior Consultant, ACE

Jorge RimblasJorge Rimblas, ACE

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He's back!: Martin Giffy D'Souza

19 October 2019

Martin Giffy D'Souza, Oracle APEX Program Manager

Martin Giffy D'SouzaMartin Giffy D'Souza, ACE Director

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We are a cigarette company!: Bo English

24 September 2019

Bo English, Oracle APEX Program Manager

Bo EnglishBo English  

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You can ask me anything: Maxime Tremblay

10 June 2019

Maxime Tremblay, ACE, askMax.solutions