[...] the oracle apex talkshow. by @JuergenSchuster

It's all about APEX!

But every back end feature and every front end feature is an APEX feature too. So I'm happy to interview everybody who has a story to tell about APEX.

Let me know if you want to become a guest: j_schuster@me.com

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Open Source Community Work: Adrian Png and Trent Schafer

12 September 2015

The creators of OXAR

Techtalk with the Professor: Dan McGhan, Oracle Developer Advocate | JavaScript & HTML5

21 August 2015

Our first Tech-Talk with Dan McGhan

Dan McGhanDan McGhan, Oracle Developer Advocate | JavaScript & HTML5

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How to Manage Half the Oracle Tools and Keep Your Cool: Kris Rice, Senior Director at Oracle

27 July 2015

Learn the beginning and future of SQL-Developer, Data Modeler, ORDS, SQLcl, XE and feel a similar spirit in his group we all know from the APEX development team.

Go an extra mile for the APEX Talkshow: Martin Giffy D'Souza, Mr. APEX@ODTUG.

25 June 2015

Where does his name come from? What is oraopensource.com? The Logger! Why he is becoming the next Co-Host and why he likes to yell at people.

The red line for feature requests: Marc Sewtz, the German.

18 June 2015

Upgrade an APEX 1.3 App to Version 5 Universal Theme with a few clicks. When to use the responsive Universal Theme and when to use jQuery mobile.

Marc SewtzMarc Sewtz, The German in the Development Team

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Universal Theme, the reason for Shaolin: Shakeeb Rahman, the APEX Designer.

11 June 2015

Learn the deep insights of the Universal Theme, what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Why it contributed to my decision to go to a Shaolin Monastery. The reason to buy Apple gear. How Shakeeb managed to let Windows look like Mac OS X and the APEX Version Shakeeb is dreaming about!

APEX, the reason to buy an Oracle DB: Joel R. Kallman, the co-founder of APEX!

18 March 2015

We were looking for a Home for APEX: Listen to the unique answers only Joel can give.

Joel R. KallmanJoel R. Kallman, APEX Product Manager at Oracle

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APEX is a Lion: Mike Hichwa, the founder of APEX!

06 March 2015

04 August 1999, the birthday of APEX: "...starting flows with a clean slate". Listen to very interesting details: Where it all began and where Mike Hichwa wants to see APEX in the future. (There are echo problems the first 20 min, my fault. It will be fixed next time, promise!)

Mike HichwaMike Hichwa, Vice President Software Development at Oracle

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